When some people think of addiction, the first thing that jumps to their mind is an addiction to drugs or alcohol. These are certainly difficult problems that can interfere with a person’s quality of life. However, there is an entirely different class of addictions known as process addictions.

Process addictions may not involve the ingestion of a substance, but they are serious behavioral problems that can influence a person’s life. One of the most common process addictions is a gambling addiction.

Much like any other form of addiction, gambling addiction can be managed by seeking an addiction coach and undergoing some form of treatment. In this article we’re going to focus on some holistic coaching methods for helping to treat gambling addiction.


What Is Gambling Addiction?

Gambling addiction is a condition in which an individual habitually gambles their money. The most common ground for people with gambling addiction is the casino; however, there are other ways that a person may develop a gambling addiction:

  • Continually buying scratch tickets at corner stores or the gas station
  • Spending a lot of money playing online poker or slots
  • Gambling lots of money in dice games
  • Betting on sports events or races


Anything that involves betting on an unforeseen outcome could be considered gambling. If you have a gambling addiction, or if you suspect that you may be developing one, look out for some of the following symptoms:

  • Spending more money than you intend to on gambling, or having large amounts of money being unaccounted for
  • Missing events, school, or work because you want to spend more time gambling
  • Having chronic thoughts about gambling, or wishing that you could gamble when you are unable to
  • Spending a huge amount of time at the casino
  • Being unable to go to the store without buying a scratch ticket
  • Experiencing emotional issues as a result of your gambling

If you think that you’re addicted to gambling, don’t worry – there are plenty of ways that you can help yourself with the addiction.


Holistic Coaching for Gambling Addiction

You can certainly see a traditional addiction therapist for help to manage a condition like this. Unfortunately, the mainstream therapeutic methodology is fairly rigid and linear. Therapy is not always comprehensive, and tends to focus a lot on addressing the past.

Holistic coaching can include this as a facet, however, it expands much more upon this. By using a holistic approach to identify issues in both the mind and the body, holistic coaching helps people identify imbalances in their mind, problems with their thinking, and other issues that could lead to the development of issues like gambling.

There are a lot of different ways that holistic coaches can help you work through a gambling addiction. One of the most prominent is known as somato-emotional repatterning.

This unique form of coaching uses the mind-body interface to help people identify imbalances in their energy meridians. These meridians, which have been identified and worked with for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine, are energy veins that run throughout a person’s body.

Blockages or imbalances in these meridians can obstruct the flow of energy in certain areas, leading to the development of both mental and physical problems. By identifying where these blockages are – much like acupuncture practitioners do – you are able to weed out the source of the addiction and work through it.

When combined with other forms of holistic coaching, somato emotional repatterning can be incredibly helpful for helping to get rid of an addiction. Other things that your coach might want to include in your treatment could be:



  • Neurofeedback. By using certain equipment, your coach will be able to identify patterns in the energy flow through your brain and body in response to certain stimuli. By identifying any imbalances or issues, they can help to correct issues that can lead to addiction.


  • Proper nutrition. The food that we eat is incredibly important for determining our behavior and our happiness. If we are deficient in minerals or vitamins, we are more likely to develop addictions.


  • Supplementation. Your coach might want to encourage you to use supplements to boost certain aspects of your health and encourage balance in your mind and body.



In Conclusion

Gambling addiction is a serious condition and can lead to a number of problems. If you think that you’re struggling with a gambling addiction, one of the best things that you can do is get yourself in touch with a holistic coach to help you treat the issue.


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Gambling Addiction, Coaching, and Somato-Emotional Repatterning