What causes sex addiction?

Conservative statistics show that compulsive sexual behavior is seen in around 3-6% of U.S. adults, which is equivalent to 7.4-14.7 million adults. The path to sexual addiction increases significantly over time. It might start with wet dreams, pornography addiction, and masturbation and can prompt the need to search for an outlet. These sexual impulses normally take place in secret, away from the eyes of family and friends. The person, who is addicted, starts to show signs of sexually explicit behavior.

Like an individual with a need to eat a lot feels that their mind urges them to feel hungry, individuals with sexual addictions may have obsessive thoughts about sex. They might not be able to prevent themselves from activities such as, watching porn at work or having physical relationships without feelings.

Several people with sexual addictions have a background marked by unsuccessful relationships. Be that as it may, the pleasure that might be derived from such activities is brief and is replaced eventually by feelings of disgrace or guilt.

Symptoms of sex addiction

Clinicians and researchers have come up with the following symptoms to look for in a sexual addict.

  • Compulsive masturbation
  • Multiple affairs, sexual partners, and one-night stands
  • Persistent use of pornography
  • Practicing unsafe sex
  • Cybersex
  • Visiting sex workers or practicing prostitution
  • Urge to touch someone without consent
  • Other than these, there are a few behavioral patterns as well that might come along with an addiction to sex.
  • Detachment, in which sexual activities do not emotionally satisfy the individual
  • Obsession with attracting others, being in love, and starting new romances, often leading to a string of relationships
  • Feelings of guilt and shame
  • An awareness that the urges are uncontrollable, in spite of financial, medical, or social consequences
  • Engagement in sexual behaviors for longer than intended, and to a greater extent
  • Excessive time and energy spent obtaining sex, being sexual, or recovering from a sexual experience
  • Giving up social, work-related, or recreational activities because of a sexual addiction
  • Sexual rage disorder, where an individual becomes shame , anxious, restless, and possibly violent if unable to engage in the addiction

Effects of sex addiction

As per the US Department of Health, about 38% of men and 45% of women - ladies with sex addictions have a sexual transmitted disease because of their conduct. Unwanted pregnancies are a common outcome that can result from unprotected sex.

Am I an addict?

If you suffer from sex addition, it is important that you come to terms with your behaviour . To help you, here’s a list of questions to ask yourself.

  • Are you involve with internet pornography regularly?
  • Are you always preoccupied with sex?
  • Do you feel that your sexual behavior is strange and abnormal?
  • Do you feel guilty about your sexual behavior?
  • Has your sexual behavior ever interfered with your family life?
  • Have you been unable to stop your sexual behavior even though you know it’s inappropriate?
  • If the answer to most of them is yes, it’s time you sought recovery coaching.

The acknowledgment

One of the most difficult things to do is to acknowledge that you need help. The battle against sex addiction is painful. It takes a lot of responsibility, inspiration, and commitment to defeat the barriers in this journey and continue moving on the path to recovery. Unlike other forms of addiction, sex addicts may not find the need to start looking for help for their addiction immediately. This is primarily because of a denial mechanism. This translates to a biochemical reward component which urges individuals to proceed with sexual acts, regardless of the hurtful consequences for friends and family and even to yourself.

What is holistic coaching?

For sex addiction, the methods of holistic coaching can be of great help. Holistic coaching focuses on the overall wellness of the individuals and adopts unique strategies for a unified body-spirit treatment. The coach uses alternative holistic healing methods such as meditation; yoga; nutritional interventions; Somato Emotional Repatterning (SER); and more, to improve degrading health of an individual. The coaching sessions will allow individuals to deal with the loneliness with a step-by-step approach that will see them through the addiction.

The methods of holistic coaching

Traditional techniques for treating different kinds of addiction act almost like a bandage on the wound, i.e. they only act as temporary relief. They don't generally allow an individual to heal experiencing sex addiction. Holistic coaching has a present day approach for starting the recovery process. According to the reports by Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, holistic methodologies have shown a propensity to successfully allow an individual to recover sexual addiction. Some of the holistic methodologies employed are:-

1. Somato Emotional Repatterning

Somato Emotional Repatterning is a procedure that utilizes mind-body techniques to distinguish abnormalities in the energy stream arrangement of a person, which can make physical manifestations emerge in the individual and can likewise result in unaddressed pressure or other mental issues. This technique is utilized by holistic coaches to address a wide range of mental and conduct issues. Among the issues that can be redressed with the best possible utilization of Somato Emotional Repatterning are addictions, as well. - to improve health of an individual

2. Supplements and nutrition

A healthy body is a good start towards addiction recovery. Helping recovering addicts get viable nutrition mitigates the processes of Recovery . Mental and physical issues are typically brought about by a type of chemical imbalance. Most of these mental or physical imbalances can be corrected (or at least improved) with a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.

3. Neobiofeedback

Utilizing specific equipment, an established biofeedback coach enables recouping addicts to comprehend and eventually control automatic reactions to stress. For individuals living with addiction, biofeedback oversees both the physical manifestations and the basic mental issue.

Benefits of holistic coaching

Alternative methods and holistic coaching are gaining popularity. Here’s why:

  • The most essential factor is that coaches take an addict in recovery and treat them as an individual and not merely as a malady. They will invest significant time in understanding the main driver of the issue that drove you towards sex addiction. They will then work on approaches to re-claim your authentic self and bring back the authentic you.
  • Since it includes disposing of the issue itself in early stages using different techniques, and not simply the end of symptoms, you can be sure that there's no hidden issue left inside your body or psyche any longer.
  • The approach is directing positive energy in your body and ways to release it. Coaches trust that the vast majority of the sessions have more to do with how you feel. So, they enable you to loosen up better to alleviate feelings of uneasiness in order to make you feel more positive.
  • Holistic approaches do not use any toxic substances. This makes them clean and extremely fresh, making you, as well, feel the same.
  • In this methodology, Your coach will be there to hear you out to understand you better. He/she will put all his time in your recovery process. Relinquishing the pain and suffering will get far less demanding when you have somebody to converse with. The sentiments of shame and guilt will just turn into a temporary phase.

How can we help?

After having holistic coaching by Certified Addictionologist (C.Ad), Michael Roth, who spends a significant amount of time in the realm of compulsive behavior, you will realize how natural and easy the process is. Michael is a Certified Sexual Addiction Recovery Coach (SRC); Certified Intimacy Anorexia Coach, and a nationally certified life coach and recovery coach. His involvement in the field has helped various individuals enhance their recovery with sex addiction and recover power over their lives. He has dedicated the last thirty years of his life practising and ceaselessly adapting the latest, cutting-edge modalities to help his clients in the times of distress and set up the mind/body connection.

Regaining your early life

After the procedure ends, you will feel like a newer, fresher individual. Your self-discipline is what is going to help you recover from sex addiction. Perceiving the issues that drove you to addiction will be the stepping stones to help you recover. When you figure out the underlying problem that you've been disregarding from the beginning on account of sex addiction, your coach will help you deal with it so that you don’t end up relapsing to the addiction.

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction, please don’t wait. Help is available! Call my office now at (805) 256-0372. Let’s begin working together to break this vicious cycle of addiction.