You can’t go wrong with seeking out his expertise

I have known Michael and have worked with him since 1999. I have experienced and witnessed his healing facilitation all through these years… I highly highly recommend you serve yourself in your healing by getting a few sessions with him. He is very intuitive and will guide you / coach you… in to your healing at many levels… I have also referred my friends and clients to Michael for 19 years, leading to many many people healing themselves. You can’t go wrong with seeking out his expertise!

T Fortina

Powerful holistic methods

Congratulations, Michael! By completing the intense training in becoming a Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, you are adding even more to the powerful holistic methods that you already incorporate with your clients. I am so blessed to be one of them!

S Ostermeir

Thank you

Thank you for challenging me to be the change I want to see with my family. I am full of new possibilities with them again now! You rock! Thank you for looking after & being a part of our Ohana!

Jenna S

I have benefited tremendously

I have benefited tremendously from Michael Roth’s wisdom and experience in our life coaching sessions, his skills and techniques are not easily matched and his guidance is a worthy investment. Our meetings could be compared to that of Carlos Castaneda and Don Juan Malthus.

M Miller

Michael provided me with tools to live an enriched life…

Intimacy/Emotional Anorexia..once a state of being my entire life, Michael Roth has now provided me with the tools to not only recognize this deficiency, but also expand my emotional capacity, living an enriched life of love, intimacy, & vulnerability.

B Parker

Life changing!

I have been seeing Michael Roth for Mind-Body Coaching for the past nine plus years and will continue to do so. When I first saw him my life was at a very low point. Our early sessions were life changing, as have many since then, often in times of trauma. I have the utmost respect for Michael and his work. Thanks again Michael.

J Wright

Michael’s coaching has been priceless

I have known Michael for a very long time. Eight, maybe 10 years. During that time Michael
has provided spiritual, business, and personal coaching to me that has been priceless. As a
healing practitioner, I do a lot of work on myself personally so that I can be the best for my
clients. There are many times, that I need guidance myself. Michael distills the situation down
in a way that is manageable and clear. He helps strip added “significance” for a dispassionate
view which allows me to see my wounds and opportunities for healing and growth.
I am grateful to have this talented, very talented, healer/coach/mentor in my life.

K Evans