Hi, I’m Michael Roth, DC, CAD. I am an experienced and dedicated Holistic Addiction and Wellness Specialist, author and speaker. I have been practicing in Ventura County, CA for over 32 years, and my passion is to support my clients in a variety of struggles, including stress management, addictions, dealing with chronic pain, and more.

I could give you a long list of my credentials, including my degrees and the diplomas on my wall, certifications, books I have written, etc. But at the end of the day, the only credential that really matters to my clients is – Can you help me? Can you offer me hope? I’ve tried many different methods, and so far none of them have worked. How are you any different?

I firmly believe that I CAN help. THERE IS HOPE, no matter how many failures litter your past. Let me share a bit of my own story with you, and you’ll see why I am so passionate about this.

I grew up in the world of addiction. From the time I was young, my family culture was one of secrets and cover-ups.

As a result of this family culture and the feelings of deficiency I internalized, I ended up struggling with my own set of addictions.

I have lived with the shame and guilt that comes from addiction. I have felt the regret and lived with the consequences of my decisions. So when I say that I understand the pain and scarring that addiction brings – both to the addict and to the people around them – I am speaking from personal experience.

I share my story so that you can know that there is hope and healing from addiction. I am living proof. And my own journey has given me a passion to help others that are facing some of the same struggles.

I have spent the last three decades practicing and continually learning new, cutting-edge modalities that allow me to give my clients the most effective and modern care available. My approach is holistic, meaning that I approach each client as a whole person, with an emphasis on the mind/body connection.

My commitment to help support those who struggle with various addictions has now led me to pursue a certification in Addictionology and Compulsive Behaviors. I am also currently in a course of study to become certified as a Sex Addiction Recovery Coach. These are just a few expressions of my commitment to offer my clients the very highest level of care and experience that I can provide.

If you or someone you love struggle with addiction, please don’t continue to live in despair.

Fill out the contact form or call my office at (805) 644-0461. Even if you are not local to the Ventura area, let’s chat. I have helped clients from all over the world (via Skype or other methods).

Don’t wait any longer. There is hope. There is help. There is healing.